Cornerstone and the Coronavirus Update 3/17/2020

From Your Pastor

Cornerstone Family,

I pray this message finds you amazed by grace and full of hope. Beloved, these are crazy and unpredictable times, but we serve a sovereign and good God. Yet, with that said, this is new territory for me. As one pastor put it, “Pastoring through Pandemic wasn’t a required course at my seminary.” And I’ll be honest, I am being bombarded by people telling me what I/we need to do. 

The CDC recommends that all gatherings with 50 people or more be canceled for the next 8 weeks; President Trump asked that all gatherings with 10 people or more be canceled for the next 15 days. However, Kaufman County has yet to have any confirmed cases of the Coronavirus, and our local and state government have yet to make any firm requirements. But, we are pretty close to Dallas, and that fact is why so many are pushing me to cancel services. Right now, I am waiting to see what our local officials or Governor Abbott decide. But praise God that the church is far more than a gathering. 

We are a faith family, a gospel community that is to love one another and serve one another. With that I mind, I encourage you (while we’re all on lockdown especially) call, text, and email one another. Reach out to one another however you can… Keep up with one another as much as you can. And if you’re not in the at risk category, see how you can serve your brothers and sisters in Christ, as well as your neighbors. Go grocery shopping for someone. Run to the pharmacy for someone… Etc… And don’t forget, if you’d like to donate food or drink (water, soda, bread, peanut-butter, jelly, soup, etc…) Tammy will take donations at the church building from 9am-1pm Tuesday and 1-5pm on Thursday.

Now, as I stated last week, if you are at risk, or if you are not comfortable being around people because of everything going on, please follow your conscience and stay safe. So, please understand that when I ask people to serve I’m not trying to push anyone to do something they shouldn’t do or don’t feel comfortable doing. These are hard times for us all, and we are all having to think and work through these issues for the first time. 

As I alluded to earlier, I’m not entirely sure what to do on all of these issues right now; and on top of these issues are theological issues. I’ve seen televangelists and heretical pastors out there telling people that just because they are Christians they won’t get sick, or that they can name and claim healing from all of this madness… But, while I might not have the answers to the issues around our corporate gatherings and the like at the moment, I can point you to the right, true, and biblical view of suffering. And so with that in mind, I’ve written an article on suffering that you can check out by clicking HERE. Read through it, stay in the Word, keep in prayer, and ask the Lord to keep your heart full of hope. And I will do my best to keep you updated as things change/unfold, and I will do my best to love, lead, and serve you well, for your good and the glory of Christ.

If you need anything, or if I or another church leader can be of service in any way, please reach out and I, another elder, or deacon will do our best to help…

I love you all!

Christ is all!

Your privileged and unworthy minister and friend,

Nick Esch