Our Elders

Nick Esch

Nick and his wife Rachel have three children (Jonah, Allie, and Isaiah). Though Nick has studied at Criswell College in Dallas, Boyce College in Louisville, and is currently studying at Covenant Baptist Theological Seminary in Owensboro Kentucky, he understands that what he has learned and experienced at Cornerstone has been most valuable to his Christian life and ministry. Nick has been serving at Cornerstone in various different roles for years. This is his home church. God caused him to be born again and to become a follower of Jesus here; He called him here, equipped him here, and put him to work here. After serving as an Associate Pastor here for a few years, and then serving as Interim Pastor for a few months, CBC called Nick to be their Senior Pastor in June of 2015. The very office where God granted Nick ears to hear the gospel, and enabled him to repent and believe in Christ, is the same office he now writes sermons in. What a gracious God!

Nick’s greatest love is Jesus, followed by his beloved wife Rachel, along with their three children. He greatly loves the church as well, and has a passion for preaching and teaching the Word of God. He’s seeking to give his life to loving the triune God, loving the church, loving the ministry, and summoning others into those loves. Week in and week out he seeks to so exult over our great God and His Word in his life, in his preaching, and his teaching, in hopes that his joy would be contagious. His desire is to glorify God by seeking to advance the gospel for the edification of the saints and the evangelization of the lost, to the end that Christ would be known, loved, treasured, and exalted.


Jesse Bass

Jesse and his wife Amy have two children (Faith and Micah). Jesse has been leading us in corporate praise and worship since 2012, and before that he was serving at Carroll Baptist Church in Southlake TX. Jesse currently serves as an Associate Pastor at Cornerstone, with a focus on whole-life worship.

Jesse’s desire for Cornerstone is that we would be: a community of people who use their entire lives to worship God the Father, through Jesus Christ, by the Holy Spirit; a people who strive to have an intimate relationship with the triune God, to be healthy members in the body of Christ (the church) and proclaim the gospel of Christ to those who are lost, with the intent of making disciples.

Ron Fowler

Ron and his wife Cyndy have one daughter (Katie), and two granddaughters (Brynn and Brooke). Ron has served Christ’s church for years in numerous capacities, including mission work. He’s served previously at Cornerstone as a deacon, and now serves as a lay elder.

Ron is amazed by grace and gripped by the love of God in Christ Jesus, and wants to see others come into that reality as well.

Eli Melton

Eli and his wife Margaret have two daughters (Amy and Corrie) and five grandchildren (Faith, Micah, Elijah, Norah, and Lilly). Eli has served Christ’s church as a deacon, music minister, and teacher for years. He’s served previously at Cornerstone as a deacon, and now serves as a Sunday school teacher and lay elder.

Eli is so utterly amazed that in Christ his sins are forgiven and God remembers them no more that he can’t help but sing out with joy.