“My soul clings to you;

your right hand upholds me” (Psalm 63:8 ESV).

The Puritans used to say that faith was simply the outstretched hand of a helpless sinner; and even the outstretching of the hand was a work of sovereign grace… for in our sin we are dead and depraved; and even in God’s grace, in and of ourselves, we are weak and frail. And that’s very much the image here in Psalm 63: the weak, yet outstretched hand of faith.

Typically my wife and I go walking around our neighborhood every evening. Sometimes our youngest son goes with us. Whenever we cross a busy street, or have to walk over some uneven ground he holds my hand. On numerous occasions when walking hand in hand, he has lost his footing and started to fall. His hand clings to me in those moments, but he doesn’t have the strength to keep his hold of me; but, he doesn’t need it, because, though his weak hand clings to me, it is my hand, the hand of his father that holds him up. Even if he lets go or falls, I don’t; I hold him fast come what may…

Beloved, this is how it is with you and God. You must cling to Him with the hand of faith, but your hand is not strong enough to hold you up and keep you near; but God’s is. By faith your soul clings to the Lord, but it is not your strength that upholds you, but God’s righteous right hand. And we’d do well to remember that it is Christ Jesus, our Lord and Savior who is at God’s right hand. For the love of the Father comes to us in and through God the Son. So, we should cling to Christ with all we have; but, we must remember, it is He who upholds us. Though we will stumble and fall, He never will. He will hold us fast.

I am nothing; Christ is all!

Pastor Nick