Resolved: To Be A Disciple Who Makes Disciples

I’m not big on New Years, but I am big on resolutions, especially godly resolutions. As Christians we should be resolved to behold the glory of Christ in God’s Word, to be desperate in prayer, to regularly gather with God’s people, and to walk in obedience to the Lord as we seek to live for the glory of the Lord. That walk of obedience is what is known as our Christian discipleship; and this is what every Christian is called to, to be a disciple of Jesus… But, every Christian is also called to make disciples of Jesus… We are not merely to focus only on our own walk with Christ, but to help others come to know Christ, love Christ, and live for Christ… So that too—disciple making—should be something every Christian is resolved to do. But that begs the question, what does disciple making look like? To answer that I offer the following suggestions…

1. Join a church.

2. Be faithful in your weekly attendance of church gatherings. Go to more than just the Sunday gathering if you can…

3. Arrive early at church gatherings and stay late to talk to others about their Christian walk, to ask them about the sermon, to talk to them about Jesus and the gospel, to pray with them if they need it, and to build friendships. Don’t just ask them how they are doing, ask them how their soul is doing.

4. Practice hospitality with members of the church. Open up your home and open up your life…

5. Ask God for strategic friendships.

6. If possible, include a line-item in your budget for weekly time with fellow Christians. If you’re married, discuss this matter with your spouse. If possible, provide such a budget line for your spouse as well.

7. Schedule regular breakfasts, lunches, or some other social engagement with teachable individuals (of the same sex). Depending on the person, you may decide to meet once, indefinitely, or for a set number of times (say, five).

8. Ask them about themselves. Ask them about their parents, spouse, children, testimony, job, walk with Christ, and so on. Ask appropriate questions; get to know them, but don’t scare them. And share about yourself in the same manner.

9. Look for ways to have spiritual conversations. Maybe decide to read the Bible or some other Christian literature together.

10. Consider their physical or material needs. Would they benefit from your help? 

11. Pray with them.

12. Depending on your home situation, invite the person to drop by your house or spend time with your family. Let them watch you live life. Invite them to join you as you go about your day.

13. Reach out to unbelievers. Pray for them, share the gospel with them, invite them to church, and seek to bring them into all of the above things.

If you are a Christian you are a disciple of Jesus, and as such you are called to make disciples. So may we all resolve to do just that.

I am nothing; Christ is all!

Nick Esch