Though we celebrate the truth wherever it is being taught and preached, and though we love our brothers and sisters with convictions that differ from ours on secondary issues yet agree with us on the gospel, we ourselves are Baptist by conviction. We strive to be as Biblically faithful in every area of church life as possible and it is our conviction that the Bible clearly teaches that only believers are to be baptized. But in striving to be as Biblical as possible we believe that churches can do more together than apart, especially when it comes to the Great Commission. That being the case CBC is affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention, the Southern Baptist of Texas Convention, the Kauf—Van Baptist Association, and 9Marks Ministries.

Southern Baptist Convention – The SBC is a convention of churches who are working together for the cause of Christ here and among the nations. Together we have seminaries, mission boards, and much more to train up and send out leaders to plant churches and take the gospel to the ends of the earth. Partnering with the SBC allows our church to participate in the largest missionary organization in the world.  Through the SBC “Cooperative Program” we help support 5,500+ international missionaries serving in 125+ countries around the world.  We also help support more than 5,000 home missionaries serving in the USA and Canada.

Southern Baptist of Texas Convention – The SBTC exists to facilitate, extend and enlarge the Great Commission ministries of the Southern Baptist Convention and Southern Baptist churches and associations of Texas, upon the authority of God’s inerrant Word to the glory of God the father, under the Lordship of Jesus Christ, and by the empowerment of the Holy Spirit.

Kauf—Van Baptist Association – The KVBA is an association that promotes fellowship within the member churches and assists in strengthening those churches in carrying out the Great Commission.

9Marks Ministries – Partnering with 9Marks Ministries allows us to support the belief that the local church is the focal point of God’s plan for displaying His glory to the nations. 9Marks vision is simple: Churches that reflect the character of God. Through 9Marks we join with like-minded churches as we hope to continue growing in our own knowledge of God’s Word and its application to the local church.