How To Become A Member

You may have never been in a church that talked about or practiced church membership.  The concept may be new to you.  If so, you can read more about why we think church membership is so important here.  If you agree that joining a church is important, and part of obedience to God’s instruction to you, then here is a simple guide to how the membership process works at our church.

  1. Attend all 6 sessions of our Membership Matters class.  The 6 sessions are entitled The Gospel, Church Membership & Church Discipline, Statement of Faith, Membership Covenant, The Mission of the Church, and Life As A Church. These will give you a fuller understanding of who we are as a church, what we believe, and what is central to our life together.  This class is offered at different times throughout the year, either on a weekend, or during our Sunday school hour.  To find out more about the next available class contact us via phone or email, or ask one of our elders.
  2. Meet with an elder for a membership interview.  After completing the class, you will set up a conversation with one of the elders of Cornerstone.  The goal of these meetings is for us to get to know you and your story, especially how you came to saving faith in Jesus Christ.  Since the gospel is the most important part of who we are, this is also an opportunity for you to share your understanding of the message of the gospel. After establishing you do understand the gospel and have come to saving faith in Christ we then ask that you sign our statement of faith and church covenant.
  3. Get baptized (if you haven’t been baptized as a believer already).  Baptism is a public statement of faith in Christ, and unity with Him in his death, burial, and resurrection.  While baptism does not save, it is a necessary step of obedience in a believers’ life.
  4. Congregational vote.  If the elders recommend you to become a member of Cornerstone, there is still one more step.   Jesus left the final authority over matters in the church to the whole church, not just pastors or leaders.  So the decision of who comes into the church is a church decision.  At our members’ meetings, we discuss and vote on all new member applicants.