In the movie A Christmas Story one of the main characters, Ralphy, get’s a pink bunny costume from one of his family members and his mom makes him go try it on immediately… He comes down the stairs utterly ashamed and his dad tells him he looks like a deranged Easter Bunny. Well, has that ever happened to you? Not the bunny thing, but have you ever received a Christmas gift that it was hard to be thankful for?

I remember one year as a kid, one of my family members got me a dictionary for Christmas. A dictionary… I was like a ten year old kid. Why would I want a dictionary? I thought I was being punished! In fact, back then I would have hated receiving any kind of book as a gift. But now I spend more money on books than food. A book is one of the best gifts you can give me now. As I’ve gotten older my perspective has changed and so have my wants. And though I wouldn’t ask for a dictionary for Christmas, I do use a dictionary almost every week now as I study and prepare sermons. So in hindsight, maybe that family member knew something about me that I didn’t. Maybe she knew exactly what I needed before I did. And you see, that’s how it was with us and the greatest Christmas gift ever given, Jesus Himself…

Scripture tells us that, “when the fullness of time had come, God sent forth his Son, born of woman, born under the law, to redeem those who were under the law, so that we might receive adoption as sons” (Galatians 4:4-5 ESV). In Christ God has given this world the greatest gift that we never had the sense to ask for. He’s given us exactly what we need, an all-sufficient Savior. He’s given us exactly what we would want, if we knew what He knows. He gave His Son.

God sent His Son to make us sons. He drew near to sinners so that sinners could draw near to Him. The Son of God took on the wrath of God so that children of wrath might become children of God. The infinite became an infant so that sinners could be saved from infinite wrath. Jesus stepped down from heaven to endure wrath so that wrath-deserving sinners might enjoy heaven. This is the greatest gift that has ever been given; the gift of the all-sufficient Savior. So as we celebrate another Christmas, may we praise the Lord for knowing what we needed way before we ever did, and for giving us the great gift of Christ…

I am nothing; Christ is all!

Pastor Nick