The Scandalous Claims of Christ – John 8:48-59

No doubt, the claims of Jesus are truly scandalous, but they are true. What we must decide is how we are going to respond. If we see Jesus rightly, if we know Him to be who He truly says He is and to have done what He says He has done, to taste death so that we don’t have to, then we will not only be those who are filled with great hope and joy come what may, but we will also be those who keep His Word, because truly knowing Him enables us and compels us to live for Him. And living for Him, living our lives for His glory, to display His worth and value, to spread the fame of His name among all peoples is the mark of a true Christian. So, do you know Him? Are you keeping His Word? Have you tasted and seen that the One who tasted death for us is good? Beloved, His claims are true. Jesus is good. He is the Savior. He is the great I am. He is God.